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continued.. about tapes

better than others.

The function of the return spring and maximum extend range (that distance one can extend the tape freely into space, before it buckles).. in some Tapes is exceptional.  The right combination of both the flexible steel tape strength and retract spring function cannot be emphasized enough for your measuring ease.  Some Tape manufacturers may provide weak retraction springs and heavier flexible steel rules, others have strong retracting springs but are of such thin material they will only frustrate, in the real world of daily use- they can permanently twist..

Try out several different Tape Measures before you buy one- Cost should NOT be the deciding factor for a quality Tape Measure- most come in a package that allows the tape to discharge from the sales container for a look-see.  The more you spend does not necessarily mean a better Tape!

Stanley makes a good tape, although their steel thickness is diminishing over the years, so too is their spring return tension to the bare minimum necessary to return a tape when new.. as time moves on and with continued use.. those minimal attributes that work out-of-the-box,  begin to fail.  Craftsman is another good tape, quality workmanship material and return spring action, in addition to a good return policy.  Klein Tools make a fine tape also- looking a bit pedestrian, but the tape functions exceedingly well; marketers know.. fancy stuff sells.. but with a tape measure, I’d take function over form ANY DAY!

Cooper Tools make a great tape measure and are a good choice for both precision and durability.

Lufkin, long a player in aircraft production environs, is a company that’s been around a very long time and is one manufacturer of tools that professionals choose for precision.

Leaving out several Brand Names for sure and countless knock-offs and imports- is not intentional… there are just too  many to mention.. Email me and I will make an effort to assess your favorite Tape Measure if possible.

Precision tooling in a retractable tape measure, your looking for?.. One may not need an exceedingly long tape for this- as the longer the tape extends so too the human error… 16 footer is more than likely long enough for most common applications- unless you are in an industry where you need longer, i.e., like Klima Continuous Gutters in Ohio or Homestead Log Homes in Oregon, or MANY other industries where a 25 footer, or longer, is the standard..

Industry or household will determine the type, attributes and cost of a tape you will purchase.  For some general purpose measuring, at home or on the job.. a basic tape 16′ X 3/4″ will generally suffice… wide enough to be strong, and long enough for most needs- and the retract spring in a 3/4″ tape is usually pretty good.  Add a GripTip to any Tape Measure and that tape becomes the tool it was meant to be.

If you are making precision (down to 1/32 of an inch or smaller, you most likely will not be using a long retractable tape for this anyway.. in fine wood working, tolerances go down… in heavy construction, generally those tolerances go up.  For instance, metal fabrication, depending on what your producing, generally needs to be precise.. Measuring a room for paint?, not so critical.

Either way, look around for the tape that best fits your needs.  And if long measurements are part of your daily routine- or not.. adding a GripTip will improve productivity and reduce the frustration of the damn thing falling off the workpiece you’re supposed to be hooked on to; saving you the hassle of asking someone to ‘hold the other end of the tape’.. we have ALL had to do this.. The GripTip is not a cure all, but this little tool sure plays a big part in convenience and ease of use.  What about the accuracy when the GripTip is attached?, negligible…the working plane of the GripTip was designed to match that of the tape it is attached to.  The universal fit and application of the GripTip, allows this little tool to fit on which ever  Tape you decide to purchase. Happy Measuring!