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Sheet Metal Workers – Your Prayers Have Been Answered

Stays put on that plenum or full sheet in the shop. Especially handy in tight spots and anywhere in the field.

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Carpet / Vinyl Installation Made Easier

The structure of the GripTip allows for a secure ‘grip’ on to the tuft directly or at an edge  of the material for measuring. Either on site during an install or at the warehouse measuring for a delivery, the GrpTip is a sure fire way to keep that tape end where it needs to be without asking for- and paying for- another person to help hold the ‘other’ end of the tape.


Extra Help for Fencing Contractors

You guys got it tough sometimes.. your tape may not always stay where you put it- especially where a fence may be rolling up and down over terrain.  Grabbing on to a stake, or post or fence board, a link in ‘chain link’ or whatever type of fence you are installing can be frustrating by yourself- not any longer.. The GripTip’s 360′ of gripping surface allows you to take hold of your project and keep moving on.