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My name is Mark. In the construction trades for decades- frustrated with my tape forever falling off whatever I was trying to measure, I thought there’s got to be a better way to grab and hold on to the workpiece I was measuring.

I began to tinker… and I tinkered… and tinkered, and tinkered some more… finally,  that ahah moment arrived when the ‘tinkering’ produced a working tool!
A tool… I was pretty excited- the darn thing worked on ANY tape I tried it on!  I made up a few more and went hunting for a company I could hire to improve upon my design.

Found, we (the company & I) began holding regular ‘design progress meetings’ & a final design was agreed upon, eventually perfected and has now become what today, is called the GripTip.
Every single GripTip request, still excites me as much as the first.

SO you ‘inventors’…  never mind the ‘naysayers’ they will plague you until the day you die..  You have an idea.  If this idea is of help to you… it is probably of help to others- do your best to see it through.. Write down a plan… do not stop trying!

Your idea may just take YOU, over the Moon.
Thank You for looking in.